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How Our Story Started

Imaji Academy is a learning program for children that has an orientation to develop children's interests and talents, through play and learning learning modules so that they are able to form character in children, besides that this program also aims as Community Empowerment in the field of education by forming a group or community local people who have a focus on children's education in the village.

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Eco-literacy for Kids
It is an activity in shaping character and learning for children that is environmentally friendly, in this activity children will be given an introduction to the importance of protecting the environment and doing environmentally friendly activities so that they can become a generation of environmentally friendly pioneers in the future.

Sociopreneur For Dummies
Is an activity to develop children's talent interest in the multisector creative industry, one of which is through the approach of photography, videography, cinematography and the like so that children are able to become part of content creators and produce authentic products made by children besides that children will also be instilled in a social spirit from an early age by doing community activities and social activities such as the importance of helping others and helping others.

Agriculture Learning Zone
The concept of learning activities by approaching children to the world of agriculture, animal husbandry, plantations, in this activity children are able to learn as well as practice in managing agricultural activities through a technological approach so that they can produce productive and innovative generations to support food security in the future.

Talent Scouting (Art & Performance)
This program is a form of showcase for children's skills in the arts that involve local wisdom and arts so as to foster a child's spirit of pride in their cultural identity.

Colaborative Parenting
The participation of parents in supporting children's activities is the main asset in ensuring that children can participate and be active in these activities so it is important for parents to be given an understanding of children's rights, from here it is hoped that parents will be able to open their understanding of the potential of their children can be more confident and proud of what he does.

Transport (Traditional Sport) Championship
Is an activity to increase the pride of the local culture of the village community by developing sports and traditional village games, this activity is packaged with stages in the form of training, team building and competitions that will spark children's enthusiasm in developing their potential in the sports field.


The existence of Imaji Academy is urgent in the community-based participatory learning model. Administrators and managers of reading houses will become liaison agents between schools and thematic learning that comes directly from the community.
By re-synergizing 3 important things, namely family, school and community, it will create an independent, creative and consistent learning society.